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Community Partners

We believe that the strength of our community lies in our ability to come together as a community and work together. Our youth program concept is designed to capitalize on this strength by bringing youth groups and organizations and community service providers working in the area of prevention and the municipality itself together in a unique setting. Each group will be encouraged to draw on the others by sharing ideas, resources and by working together as a group to find solutions to community issues. As youth have issues become more evident in our community, the benefits of a community team approach to problem solving become apparent.

As a result we have worked with a variety of different agencies that serve children and youth to provide high quality recreation experiences as well as partner in providing prevention opportunities for many key issues that youth face today.
  • City of Maple Ridge
  • Curfew Monitoring: This service is provided for youth who have been placed on a curfew as a condition of a bail order.
  • Intensive Support and Supervision: A community based one-to-one service for sentenced youth on a court order who are medium to high risk and need. It is an alternative to custody. Youth development workers engage the young person in planned activities in a social learning environment and monitor compliance with court orders and conditions. Goals and objectives are developed in consultation with probation officers, guardians and parents.
  • KidStart Mentoring: The KidStart Mentoring Program assigns thoroughly screened volunteers to work one-to-one with referred children and youth. Learn more about KidStart or call Michelle Cherak at 604-476-2821.
  • KidStart Kinnections: Kinnections is a pilot project funded by the British Columbia Provincial Government for young people leaving the guardianship care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Kinnections volunteers provide young people with the support they need to successfully transition to adulthood and independence. To become a KidStart Kinnections volunteer contact Rolfe Hilger at 604-476-9153 or call 604-375-KIDS or email
  • Onyx: Onyx provides support services to youth who are or have been sexually exploited. This is a voluntary program that assists male, female or trans-gendered clients that are 18 years of age and under. Referrals come from the community; privacy and confidentiality standards are upheld. Service plans are put into place during initial intake and consultation with the client. Coordination of services range from formal (counseling, detox, school, one-to-one support) to informal (recreation, clothing, bus pass). For further information, please call 1-877-411-PLEA (7532) or email.
  • PLEA Community Services of British Columbia: PLEA delivers community-based social, health, educational, vocational and justice services to children, youth, families and adults who, during periods of their lives, face significant challenges and barriers. We utilize personally tailored strategies in non-institutional settings to assist individuals to live their lives as normally, successfully, independently and safely, in their own communities, as their personal needs and circumstances allow.
  • PLEA Integrated Youth Development: PLEA Integrated Youth Development provides outreach services which accommodate a wide range of issues and circumstances for youth and their families. All referrals to PLEA programs (except the Kidstart Mentoring Community Program and Onyx) are made through the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Youth development workers are generalists who have worked successfully with diverse clients. They engage youth in developing service plans that meet their particular needs and accomplish specific goals. They focus on improving individual skills and connections with community resources and supports and connect the five domains of youth's lives; individual, family, peer, school / employment and community. They assist youth on youth agreements; ensure requirements of intensive support and supervision referrals are met; support bail placements and monitor court ordered curfews. They engage and actively support youth who are high risk due to circumstances of homelessness, sexual exploitation, mental health issues, addictions, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and work with other service providers to access concrete services.
  • Ridge Meadows Youth Diversion Program: Ridge Meadows Youth Diversion has been serving Maple Ridge since 1994. We are a youth diversion program, which encompasses much of the Youth Criminal Justice Act's principles and objectives. Not only do we receive youth offender referrals from Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), we are one of the few programs in British Columbia authorized to receive referrals from Crown Counsel. Our program works hand-in-hand with the community, community service agencies, RCMP and Crown Counsel to help youth who are in conflict with the law, realize the harm done, accept responsibility for their actions and behaviours and be accountable for their offence. Volunteer mentors are a vital part of our organization. Volunteers participate in the community accountability panels and as mentors, they work one-on-one with youth throughout the youth' diversion agreement. Mentors provide guidance and support to youth, helping youth succeed in life and in the community. For more information, please contact the Ridge Meadows Youth Diversion Program by calling 604-467-5889, email or writing to: 11960 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6G1
  • Youth Agreements Support: Youth Agreements Support provides assistance to youth aged 16-19 for supported independent living. Youth will sign a youth agreement with a social worker from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), and referrals are made from the MCFD youth team social workers in the tri-cities and Maple Ridge areas.