Land Development Application Viewer

Development Application
Welcome to the new Land Development Application Viewer, a one-stop location to get information on properties that are under application, such as rezoning, development permit or subdivision application, as well as information on where the application is in the process.

This online application merges mapping information with the data from our Planning and Building Departments and the records from the Clerk's Department of the reports and presentations that have appeared before Council.

The Land Development Application Viewer is a great tool for people who are new to the community to get a sense of the development that is underway in their new neighbourhood. The search function also allows citizens to look for schools in the area and link to the School District site to determine what the enrollment rates are for that school.

You can review the User Guide for this powerful new search tool.

We encourage you to explore this application and if you have feedback on how we can improve this online service or if you experience any technical issues on your browser or mobile device please send us an email.