232 Street Improvements

The City is planning to upgrade 232 Street, between 132 Avenue and Silver Valley Road, to a two lane arterial roadway standard. Roadway upgrades will include pedestrian and cycling facilities, street lighting, paving, sidewalks and environmental works. The City has been working with McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. and Drdul Community Transportation Planning to develop a corridor that improves safety for all road users and encourages multi-modal transportation by creating inviting pedestrian and cycling facilities and considering equestrian users. An Information Session was held on October 11, 2017, view the Display Boardsand public feedback received has been considered in the detailed design.

A portion of the works involving sensitive habitat was constructed in the fall of 2017 to enable the major construction works to proceed in spring 2018. The 2017 project works generally consisted of relocating Paradise Creek, constructing a 3m asphalt multi-use path, concrete curb and gutter, street light bases (for future lighting), catch basins, and storm drainage all on the east side of 232 Street between 132 Avenue and Birch Avenue.

The road construction planned for 2018 will be quite extensive and involve re-profiling of the existing roadway. The City is working with the design consultant to consider how best to minimize the impact of traffic along 232 Street during construction which may include partial or full road closures during July and August 2018.

The project Tender closed on April 13, 2018. Construction is planned for summer 2018.