Detached Garden Suite Pilot Project

Phase 2 - Considering Construction of a DGS?

We are now entering Phase 2 of the DGS Pilot Project. The City of Maple Ridge is looking for single-family property owners who are considering constructing a DGS. If you are interested in one of the following DGS options on your property, we want to hear from you:
  • A DGS unit between 20.3m2 (219 ft2) and 36m2 (387 ft2) in size; and
  • A DGS unit up to 15% of the lot area on a lot size between 557m2 (5,995 ft2) and 900m2 (9,688 ft2);
  • A Secondary Suite and DGS on the same lot.
The City is interested in working with property owners who would be willing to showcase their property and their DGS story once completed. A process to undertake Zoning Bylaw regulatory amendments will be required for all properties selected to participate. Property owners will be responsible for the work and cost involved in preparing building permit plans, obtaining building permit approvals, and undertaking construction, subject to Council approval.

The primary benefit to participating in this pilot project is to help explore these new DGS forms to provide greater housing options to residents of Maple Ridge. It will also enable property owners to construct a DGS under special provisions that would not otherwise be permitted under existing Zoning Bylaw regulations.

If you want to confirm your interest in Phase 2 of the DGS Pilot Project, or for more information please contact Lisa Zosiak, no later than September 17, 2018 by email or call 604-467-7383.

Phase 1 - Information on Process and Progress to Date

The following reports and attachments provide background information on the DGS Pilot Project, which was initiated through a Council resolution at the February 6, 2018 Council Workshop Meeting (see Review of SS and DGS Programs section below for links to more background information).
Three properties are currently participating in Phase 1 of the DGS Pilot Project:
  • 26378 - 126 Avenue
  • 23525 Dogwood Avenue
  • 10861 Morrisette Place
Please see the above Phase 1 Council reports for particulars of the proposed DGS units for each of these properties.

Zone Amending Bylaws for the above three properties received Third Reading at the July 24, 2018 Council meeting.  Final Reading is anticipated in October 2018.

Review of Secondary Suites and DGS programs

 The DGS Pilot Project is part of a review to potentially expand the Zoning Bylaw regulations for Secondary Suites (SS) and DGSs. More information is available on the SS & DGS review process through the links below: