Hayner, Mike

My name is Mike Hayner, I have lived in Maple Ridge since 1998. This is the only town I consider home and will do my utmost to represent the people in it. I am an honest man and I was raised with an old fashioned, common sense, work hard view on life. 

I am currently working with special needs youth teaching them day to day living skills and how to interact with their community. I enjoy gardening and have volunteered to help get gardens started for new citizens. I work with my hands, and fishing is a favorite past time. 

Maple Ridge has some of the best, most helpful, generous people I have ever known. I love this town and wish to enhance it's beauty and livability. There is work to be done and I am sincere in my desire to help lead the way. 

The words provided are that of the candidate. The City of Maple Ridge does not endorse any candidate.

Mike Hayner

Email: mhformr@hotmail.com 

Website: mhformr.com
Facebook: Mike Hayner for Maple Ridge Council
Mike Hayner

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