Housing Action Plan

The Housing Action Plan process is made up of three key milestones:
  1. Maple Ridge Situation Report - research and analysis of current housing trends in the City
  2. Consultation Summary Report - summary of consultation activities
  3. Housing Action Plan

Housing Action Plan Implementation Framework endorsed, September 14, 2015

At the September 14, 2015 Council Workshop meeting the Housing Action Plan Implementation Framework was presented and endorsed.  The report and accompanying table outlines the strategies and actions that will be implemented over the coming years that will support and encourage the development of affordable housing in Maple Ridge.

Housing Action Plan endorsed September 30, 2014


In 2011, Metro Vancouver adopted the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) with the support of member municipalities. The RGS demonstrates that affordable housing with a range of housing options is an essential part of a complete community. Completion of a Housing Action Plan is a requirement of the Regional Growth Strategy. Following this, the Regional Context Statement in the Official Community Plan will be updated to identify how the policies align with achieving the Regional Growth Strategy’s Goal Four to Create Complete Communities.