Required Property Actions

Hazardous Trees

Hazard trees within 30 metres of a watercourse or on slopes over 25% require a Certified Arborist Risk Assessment and approval from the City before they can be removed. A hazardous tree may require a permit, but there would be no fee charged.

If the hazardous tree is on private property, the property owner is responsible. If it is in a City park or conservation land, contact the Parks & Facilities department at 604-467-7346.

For more information, contact the Environment section at 604-467-7499.

Watercourse Setbacks

Watercourses (i.e., streams, creeks) in the Maple Ridge were mapped with GPS and are available on Ridgeview online mapping. Zoom in on the area to see if your property has a designated watercourse.

Setbacks are indicated as either 15 or 30 metres depending on the qualities of the watercourse. You can also contact the Environment section at 604-467-7499 for information on watercourses on a property.

Filling Ditches

The ditches that run along the front of urban and rural properties are on the City road right of way and are the responsibility of the City. They are a very important part of the stormwater management within Maple Ridge. Open ditches are better for handling the volumes of water experienced in this climate, and for assuring better quality of water.

Ditch in-fill requests will be considered for safety reasons or under special circumstances. Requests can be made to the Engineering Department at 604-467-7339.