Brush Chipping

In partnership with the City of Maple Ridge, Ridge Meadows Recycling Society administers the Brush Chipping Program for Maple Ridge residents.

No pre-booking is necessary and there will be no specific day or time for pickup. Place branches at the roadside adjacent to your property by the set-out deadline for your area.

Chipping in each area may take up to two weeks to complete. Then umber of days spent on each area depends on the amount of brush set out and the number of residents using the program.

Set-Out Deadlines:

Spring 2018

  • west of 224 Street - Monday, March 26
  • east of 224 Street - Monday, April 9

Set-Out Deadlines:

Fall 2018

  • west of 224 Street - Tuesday, October 9
  • east of 224 Street - Monday, October 22